How to Make Your Own Cool Welcome Mat on the Cheap.

How to Make Your Own Cool Welcome Mat on the CheapHere’s the problem. Well, there are three. The first problem is I have two white carpets in my apartment. The second problem is that people do not take off their shoes and as a friend and I discussed, we don’t want to one of those people who say: can you please take off you shoes? 

The third problem is that I was seeing these super whimsical, welcome mats with cute phrases like: Sup or Y’all or the Neighbors Have Better Stuff. I considered getting one and then saw the prices.

Here is the thing with DIY projects. Sometimes it is totally worth to buy the product and not DIY yourself. Maybe you don’t have any of the supplies. Maybe you don’t enjoy it and the annoyance feels like currency. The price of a DIY project is different for everyone so no one should get down on themselves. For this one, I decided to DIY. And a after a Chicago winter, it’s still completely intact.

I bought the same type of mat I’d been seeing and the thickest sharpie paint pen they make. The important thing to note it that this sharpie is OIL based paint because when people (or myself) wipe their (or my) winter boots on it, you don’t want the water to smudge or ruin your creation. Next pick your saying. I won’t lie: I like to be original. Plus, remember problems one and two up there? I settled on: Lose the Shoes. I hope it is a polite and funny way of saying, no really, please take off your shoes. 

Here is How to Make Your Own Cool Welcome Mat on the Cheap:

First, if you need a stencil, create one. At the very least, ghost write your saying to make sure you have enough room.mat1

Then, write out your saying lightly because if there is a mistake you can fix it.matmp

Next, press the oil based paint pen down so it bleeds and thickens each letter until the letters are the thickness you would like.

And voilà.mat4wm

This ended up being much easier than expected. Have you ever gotten in too deep with a DIY? My hand is raised. And also, how do you psychically tell people to take their shoes off without being that person who tells guests they have to? Thanks!

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51 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Cool Welcome Mat on the Cheap.

  1. Sarah Potts

    This is adorable! I’ve also looked at those mats before, but have been turned off by the price! Love how easy this looks. Plus I think your saying is adorable & gets the point across 🙂

  2. Julia

    That’s so cute! Love your handwriting! I agree that sometimes it’s easier and sometimes even cheaper to just buy something rather than DIY, but in this case I think the DIY wins!

  3. Bex Stark

    This is so adorbs. I’ve been wanting to diy a welcome mat, but I keep chickening out. And I just tell people to take their shoes off. I was worried about being ‘that girl’ too, but turns out it’s not so bad and people don’t mind.

  4. Faith

    Oh my gosh I love this!! I had never thought about doing the tug myself…probably because I’m not the most creative DIYer around but this is adorable! And I love the saying you chose! Ha!

  5. Shelby

    Adorable! I wanted to make something like this at one point but it was a huge FAIL using acrylic paint. Lesson learned, and now I know what will work ha. Great job!

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