Rosie Love, Daisy Love.

Oh I need ya love. I need you love. All you do is break my heart…

I hope I have given you the gift of the song Baby Love in your head on this Monday morning. Today I get to introduce you to some amazing bloggers…A lot of sponsor posts are boring but mine aren’t because so many photos and getting to know these bloggers and in a second, you will know: this is a blog I want to start to read.

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Without further ado…

2cats chloe
1 // Hi Y’all, my name is Susan and I have been blogging at 2 cats & chloe for the past few years!

2 // Chloe is my rescued, blonde border collie and she has two cats, hence the name of my blog.

3 // I am extremely passionate about clean eating and the Whole30 Program, so expect to find tons of healthy, paleo recipes on my site.

4 // Even though I eat clean, I’m a huge fan of good wine and champagne.

5 // Life is an adventure, and I try to live it to the fullest, one vacation at a time!

6 // In addition to working as a marketing consultant, I’m a wedding planner who owns my own company and is passionate about making things pretty while turning my brides’ visions into a reality!

7 // Speaking of wedding planning, after seven years of planning for other people, I finally had one heck of a party and tied the knot myself!

8 // I spend my free time on the Perquimans River or at the beach, because my heart is happiest when I’m on the water.

9 // A fun fact that you need to know: I’ve prefer to rap my Maid of Honor toasts… yep, this girl knows how to party.jaelean
{ONE} Howdy! I’m Jaelan and I blog over at Making Mrs. M, where I share my life as a newlywed.

{TWO} I like to blog about a lot of things, like my dogs, Teddy & Sami.

{THREE} I really enjoy cooking, and you can bet you’ll find a delicious recipes likeHomemade Tomato Soup frequently.

{FOUR} We like to travel occasionally, like the time we went to Philadelphia for my sister-in-law’s super fun wedding weekend.

{FIVE} From time to time, I do fashion-related posts because I’m pretty much all girl.

{SIX} I’m a runner, and in 2013 I completed my first half marathon.

{SEVEN} I’m a self-proclaimed beer aficionado

{EIGHT} I’m a vet tech by profession, and when I go home to visit the farm I grew up on,I can’t help but doctor some animals.

{NINE} Last, but definitely not least, I’m a newlywed to the most amazing man.
October Daisy Collage
One: I am Liz and I blog over at Baby Got B.A., where I write about my life filled with school and work and Disney.

Two: Speaking of Disney, I live in Orlando and (maybe I might possibly) work for Disney (when I am not going to school).

Three: Between doing laundry (Billy Mays is a liar) and trying to wear real pants at least 25%, I am constantly riding the struggle bus.

Four: I LOVE Halloween and all things fall – This year I went to Mickey’s Halloween party as Jess Day from New Girl!bex
One. Hey, I’m Bex, and I blog over at Butcher’s Niche about all things life and style.

Two. Style to me is in everything; so while most of my posts our outfits of the day or my beauty routine, you’ll also see lots of home decor like my Halloween mantel.

Three. My biggest passion other than blogging is in the kitchen where I make things like this mexican cassarole or my smores pie.

Four. This guy is my best friend, he makes me- me, and our wedding is why I started the niche.

jenniOne. Hey y’all! I am Jenni & I blog over at Frankly My Dear! I love sharing recipes, fun DIYs, & encouraging others!

Two. You know that saying “Never trust a skinny cook”? I totally agree & LOVE having some fun in the Kitchen!

Three. I have a passion for agriculture ( real job) & I own a little small business called Gingerly Styled.

Four. These two are my people. That handsome guy in the middle is our puppy child. Oh, and my sweet husband too!heather
One. Heather, here, from the newly redesigned Style Prescription (formerly Port City Prescription) where I write about incorporating style into every aspect of our lives.

Two. This was one of my most popular style posts to date because who doesn’t love fall fashion?!

Three. I enjoy rounding up my favorite web finds each weekend to help make your Monday a little bit easier.

Four. Most favorite post to date: my sweet family, growing by one in 2015!linda
1) Hi I am Linda and I blog over at A Labour of Life, a blog to capture all that is Linda, fashion, baking, Travel and a general love of life ( and wine).

2) I love taking you with me on my travels, check out the Fall Foliage in Whitehorse.

3) Baking is my release and I bake to share, come join me for a Gingerbread Caramel cup with a touch of White Chocolate Mousse.

4) I love spending time with Kent, a lot of life’s firsts, like a trip to the Rodeo in the Poconos or Golfing in the Fog, its always an experience.

1| We’re B and M, best friends who co-blog at The Sequin Notebook about our shared obsessions with all things glitzy, crafty, and girly!

2| During our BFF nights, we tend to get creative and mix up some seasonal cocktails to enjoy – this fall, we’re especially loving a good pumpkin spice latte martini and some refreshing apple cider sangria.

3| We firmly believe in sprinkling a little extra sparkle whenever possible, whether it’s creating pretty envelope liners for our homemade cards or just adding some pizzazz to an old wine bottle.

4| Life’s a party, and we love to celebrate with a good theme and lots of festive details!

Aren’t these gals so fun? 

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