Introductions: Your Bouquet for the Day.

So it’s Monday. Which would be lame except I have some awesome ladies to introduce you to. I lovingly refer to them as the Rosies and the Daisies and honestly, they make this job a joy. Getting to work with such great women is fun and encouraging and always inspiring. And though you may skip over some sponsor posts on other blogs, you won’t on this one because of the way they are telling you about themselves. Trust? Okay? Okay.FlowersCollage{ONE} Howdy! I’m Jaelan and I blog over at Making Mrs. M, where I share my life as a newlywed.

{TWO} I’m married to the most amazing man and we have two little furbabies, Teddy and Sami.

{THREE} I really, really, really enjoy beer, so I’m always tasting new ones—like in Maui, on our honeymoon!

{FOUR} Gardening is a passion of mine, but I have to get creative to make it work in our apartment.

{FIVE} In 2013, I went from couch to half marathon.

{SIX} I’m a Fightin’ Texas Aggie, class of 2012–to learn more about me, click here.

{SEVEN} When my husband and I aren’t playing board games, we take it to the grass for some friendly competition using our DIY Homemade Washer Toss Game

{EIGHT} I’m a vet tech by profession, but I really love makeup!

{NINE} Every now and then, I clear a spot in our little apartment and do something crafty, like cross-stitching gifts for family.

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1. My name is Rebecca and I blog over at where I share the humor in the every day moments of my newlywed life.

2. I’m pretty goofy most of the time and I try not to take myself to seriously when sharing the silly things I tend to do.

3. I grew up in California and I miss it terribly.

4. For 10 years, I sang professionally, and I majored in songwriting in college, but now I work behind the scenes at a record label.

5. I live in Tennessee now, and am a proud fur momma to 2 dogs and one evil cat.

6. I got married almost exactly a year ago to my best friend, who I consider the funniest man in the world, even if he doesn’t realize how funny he is.

7. We have a super-fun Lab named Bella who keeps me up at night with her loud snoring.

8. We also have an adorable Pomeranian named Penguin who likes to take over my blog from time to time.

9. I love blogging about my life and my little family and I hope you will come visit my little corner of the web and say hello!

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NB Rosie 1 // Hey Flowery Friends! I’m Jenni from Frankly My Dear! It’s my goal to foster community & encourage others through my little space in the blogging world. I

2 // Of all my favorite things, these two rank pretty high (let’s be honest, the highest)! That man there is my husband of two and half years. Marriage has been an incredible blessing in our lives & I can’t wait to see what the rest has in store. That dapper dude in the middle there is Axle. 

3 // I am a girly girl with a passion for agriculture. It’s a bit of an oxymoron really – but a fabulous combination that certainly keeps me on my toes! I work with farmers across the Midwest daily & it’s something I truly love to do.

4 // About a year ago I took a leap of faith & started an Etsy Shop. Gingerly Styled began with a totally different vision, but seeing God’s grace through my dream is so incredible! 

5 // I am a bit of a Vino. We have a local wine trail where the husband and I are currently residing & it makes for a weekend full of fun!

6 // If I learned one thing from my mother, it was full belly makes for a happy life. She passed her gift of baking & love of hospitality on to me & I am SO grateful! 

7 // Speaking of baking – Zucchini has to be my favorite food! This is my favorite recipe but it’s good any way really! A few of my other favorite things are crisp Fall evenings, Sweet Tea, the color pink, & playing board games with my family!

8 // Wednesday’s Words is a link-up that seeks to do just that! Martha Kate & I get together every week to share with you! 

9 // Despite the fact I live in Northern Indiana, I am a proud Kentucky girl – born & raised! It’s something that’s in my blood & will probably never let go of – not that I would even consider it! Come visit me or join me on Instagram to follow along on this crazy journey!

Facebook | Twitter Instagram Pinterest | Bloglovin’  PicMonkey Collage One. I’m Bex and I blog over at Butcher’s Niche which I started in 2013 as a way to document our wedding, and it’s evolved itself into a life and style blog.

Two. I got the chance to marry this guy last June, and that has enhanced my life by leaps and bounds so I love getting to celebrate him and have our weekly date night.

Three. Scott and I just bought a house, so there’s lots of decorating, shopping, and tips happening over at the niche.

Four. Just like I like to style my home I like to style myself, almost all of my outfits come entirely from places like old navy or target so I can save up for the important things.

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September Daisy Collage One. My name is Liz and I blog over at Baby Got B.A., where I talk about important issues, like how I am a complete and utter mess 96% of the time (The other 4% of the time I am probably napping).

Two. I just moved to Orlando to go back to school as a Statistics major, so I had to dust off my good ol’ graphing calculator and remember how math works.

Three. When I’m not super busy, I like to stay in bed until all hours and basically live like a hobo.

Four. Even though it is still super hot here, I am SO EXCITED for fall and all the wonderful treats it brings with it (I plan on eating ALL THE PUMPKIN SPICE M&MS)!

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jenn-hellorigby-seattle-fashion-lifestyle-blog One. Hi! I’m Jenn and I blog over at hellorigby! about life, style, and my dog named Rigby. Yes, I named my blog after my dog. 😉

Two. As I said above, I have a pretty cute dog named Rigby. He’s an almost-two-year-old Shiba Inu, and he sometimes guest posts on my blog.

Three. When I said I post about style, I meant that I sometimes post outfit of the days. But, I also like to embarrass myself sometimes for your benefit… like that one time I posted all of my fashion outtakes.

Four. I also don’t mind going bare for you… no, not like that. I mean bare faced, like the time I took off my make up and talked about being “basic”.

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Daisy Sept One. Hey there! I’m Heather and I blog about all things Style related over on Port City Prescription.

Two. It’s college football season, and for this diehard Gamecock, that means styling game day ready looks!

Three. I love the challenge of mixing patterns and textures so this lace + leather outfit is one of my all-time favorites.

Four. Wondering what’s trending for the upcoming fall season?

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I’m not lying when I tell you that each of these ladies’ have great blogs; I follow them all and you should too. Happy Monday!

P.S. If you’re interested in being a Rosie or a Daisy, check out your options here.





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