When the dog bites, When the Bee Stings | Volume 3

It’s that time of the month again. No, not that time. (Was that joke too much?) Once again, I am linking up with Mia and Kelli and sharing my favorite things of August which means it is September which means my friend texted me: Can you believe summer is almost over? To which I responded: I don’t want to talk about it. Now will come the real test of my reentry into Chicago. No Pumpkin Spice Latte will save me from a Chicago winter. But now I am off topic. Here are some of my favorite things.

This corner on my desk is not staged. This is my real life. Also please note I have papers in piles because it is a big desk but this corner. Mmm.I love everything about it:IMG_8178

Mug (The EveryGirl) | Elephant Art | Russell + Hazel Acrylic Tape Dispenser| Kate Spade Acrylic Gold Tone Stapler

When one of my best friends married, I got her these mugs with the initials of everyone in the family. Well, they’ve added to the family so I was so happy to go and buy this “A” mug which I kind of also think is the prettiest.IMG_8200This part of my bookshelf is my favorite because of the version of the version of Jane Austen books I found on sale and also this candle from Anthro. If you have been around for any amount of time, you know that I consider this candle to be my Oprah gift. As in, you get a candle, you get a candle! I would buy everyone one if I could. It is a life changer and I have too many. Fact.IMG_8190

Jane Austen: the Complete Works | Capri Blue Volcano Candle
These pillows massively on sale at West Elm bought with gift card. Booyah. (Oh yeah, and they are still on sale along with all the other pillows.) Also this couch to be revealed at a later date. Home Goods. So cheap and so comfy. Just how I like my couches.IMG_8185
These File Folders or the notebook (which I don’t have…yet):IMG_8205

This 2015 Great American Authors Calendar By 1canoe2:IMG_8207I bought it for myself and then realized it was so perfect for a friend so I also gifted it. Paper goods. They kill me. I am on a stationary hiatus currently.IMG_8209Finally, I don’t know if you have been paying attention on Instagram but macarons. #MatchYourMacaronsIMG_8037justdessertsThis link up is always so fun. Thanks to Kelli and Mia!MonthlyFaves ButtonOne more thing, you know these? The shoes I am obsessed with because of how they look and how comfortable they are and how on inexpensive they are? Yeah, well they are more on sale here:IMG_7881What were your faves this month?





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21 thoughts on “When the dog bites, When the Bee Stings | Volume 3

  1. Amy

    Can I just say I am so upset those shoes are sold out in my size? I tried last week to order them and entered the depths of despair when I saw that. Add to that that I am seriously drooling over your Austen collection.

  2. Kelli {A Deeper Joy}

    My hubby told me I can’t buy any more stationary/cards until I’ve used all that I have :-p Thanks for linking up, Nina! I love all of your faves! Both of those mugs are awesome. And I want to get throw pillows from West Elm now. Maybe in my next house!!

  3. Tiffany @ A Touch of Grace

    Love me some French macaroons! My girlfriend is a baker in Seattle and makes the most gorgeous wedding cakes, and the best French macaroons.
    And can I just say, those Jane Austen books are gorg! I’ll have to check out your Oprah candle too. I haven’t been to Anthro in a while. I need an excuse to go.

  4. Carly Blogs Here

    Umm I want like every single thing in this post! I love those mugs and might get one for a friend’s birthday! Those Jane Austen books have me swooning! And that calendar! I’ve never had a macaron! I thought about getting them when we were recently in NYC, but I decided I’d rather have a cupcake!

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