Near and Far Montana.

I didn’t discover I was an adventurer until I realized I never wanted to settle or regret later in life. That makes taking leaps a whole lot easier. What I have also come to realize is that adventurers need one another; we need to remind one another that there is no scarier thing than the chances we don’t take. Or something more poetic to cross stitch on a pillow. That’s why I like Jenn and love her story.

41112_759708086756_3914164_n (1)About a year ago, girlfriend packed up her car and drove from her life in Virginia to a home with land (not just a yard, but laaaaand) in the great state of Montana with her boyfriend and her dogbaby. Little did she know that a year later, her roots would be sunk so deep that chickens she would eventually buy and the coop she would eventually build would yield four eggs. As she crouched around the coup, gathering these eggs like surprising treasures, she may have considered how far she’s come in this particular adventure.

grinnellglacierhike1Normally, I would put this in my own words but Jenn is a writer and so…Her words are perfect in and of themselves. I wanted to know where her fascination with Montana began because in reading her bio, she’s always imagined herself there–a place that is quite different from Virginia, where she came. Jenn told me, “My interest in Montana started around my senior year of college. I lived in Virginia at the time and though we’d moved all over the country for my dad’s military career, I didn’t know much of anything about Montana. I’d been poking around for journalism jobs and internships and while reading the Economist one day (I used to try really hard to read that magazine regularly, but admit it was often a struggle) I found an article about how 10 of the 20 poorest counties in America were in Montana. In my logic, I decided that meant there were tons of stories to be told and probably less people wanting to move there for a journalism job, so I applied to several Montana newspapers. And so began my fascination, though none of the jobs worked out at the time and I found myself working for a paper in Alabama. That’s where I met the military boyfriend. We broke up for a time, but when we reconnected, he was stationed at the base in Montana and I came to visit from D.C. throughout our first year back together and I was hooked. “


If you’ve been around this blog long enough, you know I tell the truth about things, including adventures. Yes, she lives here, where there are literally picture perfect moments:

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But there are also difficult moments in adventures, some things we plan on and some things we didn’t seen coming. Jenn says that moving cross country this time was tough, even though she’s done it before (um…I can relate with that so much right now). She was also making this move with a boy, which let’s be honest, changes everything. She was starting over in terms of career and just a way of life. I don’t think she ever crouched in a chicken coup in Virginia.


Now, she has a home, with land. She’s starting fresh (and eating fresh eggs). She is creating a life with this boy and their dog and doing all sorts of things that she couldn’t do in Virginia. As Jenn told me, “They aren’t kidding when they call this Big Sky country.”1467411_10100152640713899_1981111669_n (1)

Read this girl’s blog. Because she is willing to leap. Because she is willing to start over. Because she is willing to laugh at herself crouched in a chicken coup. For all these reasons and more, read Jenn’s blog.
P.S. Don’t forge the Kate Spade Raffle.






Let’s be Frank…Check out Jenni’s blog!

Don’t forget the Kate Spade raffle.

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18 thoughts on “Near and Far Montana.

  1. Cassie

    I know so little about Montana, but now I think I need to visit! As someone currently in grad school for journalism, I love what made Jenn interested in moving there. I love the SoCal life (and weather), but I’m also totally giddy at the thought of moving somewhere else that’s totally unfamiliar for a similar adventure.

    1. Jenn | Near and Far Montana

      Thanks Cassie! And awesome on the journalism grad school thing! Going somewhere new is always and adventure and in journalism, it’s a test of your skills sometimes, but always worth it!
      Good luck with the graduate program and if you ever want to talk shop, let me know! warning, I can go on and on and on about journalism!

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