Bedroom Reveal (ish).

IMG_7959I know I promised you a bedroom reveal but really it is more of a bed reveal (the entirety will come later…when it is done) which may not be a big deal to you…but my bed is probably the where I put the most time and effort (besides where my books will live) and that is because I have an illness that results in chronic pain every day. The reason I don’t talk about it here is because of my job or future employers. It is very much under control and doesn’t affect my work but I never want anyone to think that it does affect it because it just doesn’t (I don’t know how many ways to say that but please email me one on one if you have questions). So because of my every day aches and pains, I put a lot of thought into my bed because I consider it to be a little sanctuary in the busyness of city life. It’s the first part of the apartment that is complete. And it has always been this way for me.beddingSo here we go. This apartment is going to be filled with white. White everywhere. It is a bit dangerous but we are going there. Hints of gray and black will make an appearance as well as metallics. But I am not worried about the white being too stark. It makes the place look bigger and I think, with those other colors, warmer actually.IMG_7951I’m kind of obsessed with this rug (overstock) and the placement of the bed may change now that I found a couch (um…Home Goods $200…and it is amazing).Β IMG_7881Just another picture of the rug because I love it so much. It may be hard to vacuum though. We will see. These shoes are amazing. I walk comfortably all over the city with them, they are on sale, and come in many colors. Just sayin’. Check them out here.Β IMG_7964Let me give you the real deal on the Anthro bedding. I like it. I am glad I got it on sale. Unfortunately, this bedding is sold out and no longer on sale. But that is something similar. It is so luxurious, really. The throw is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and those pillows? Aren’t they so lovely? They are from a shop called Belquist and handmade. Love. Them.IMG_7953This weekend and yesterday were hard and awful for a lot of reasons. And when I have a hard or awful day (or both), I count myself fortunate to rest my weary limbs on this bed which serves the purpose I set for it: a sanctuary. Not a hiding place. But somewhere to rest and wake up to the new day and experience His new mercies every morning. I’m really happy with it. Minus the wall behind it which is why I may be changing things with the couch. And you know, I will be hanging things. Maybe even my deer. I’ll be even happier when the replacement for my desk arrives (the original was damaged) so I don’t have to type this in bed or do things like this:IMG_7974

Purse (here) | Phone case (hereΒ on sale as I write this)
So there it is. My grown up sanctuary. When I get things on the wall and finish “the bedroom” I will give you another update. In the meanwhile, I am unpacking boxes. I am almost done with the kitchen. Grin. And I’ve used it to make some home made treats. So there’s that.





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20 thoughts on “Bedroom Reveal (ish).

  1. Jaelan @ making mrs. m

    It looks great! I love the bright white bedding with grey and metallic accents. Unfortunately, that color scheme wouldn’t work for us due to our pups, but I envy those who can pull it off. Gorgeous!

  2. Sarah

    Love the bedding! I’ve always loved white bedding, but with a black lab I could never do white. It would look disgusting all. the. time. πŸ™

  3. Katie Elizabeth

    All white bedrooms are my favorite!! I think I’m going in that direction for our room in our new house. And that rug will be mine, I LOVE it! Do you remember the name of it from Overstock?

  4. Susannah

    Your bedding is so pretty! I must say, though, that I’d be terrified to have so much white in my house. I’m a bit too accident prone! πŸ˜‰

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