New Beginnings: The Truth About Adventures

IMG_7021On the first day of kindergarten, I repeated my teacher’s name about a million times for my parents before they walked me to the bus stop. (I’m still convinced those letters have no business forming a name, let alone sitting right next to each other.) The point is, on the first day of kindergarten, I was terrified to get the whole thing wrong–and not just my teacher’s name.

New beginnings are inherent to life–as is change–and so fearing those things can drive a person crazy. New beginnings can be a bit like putting a wet bathing suit on. It fits. And you are raring to get back into the sun and water but those first ten seconds of wearing it aren’t comfortable. As I started this new job, I was not afraid. But there are nerves. I am calmed by the belief that this is where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing. That is a sweet place to be.

The past two years have been filled to the brim with transitions, changes, beginnings, and even endings. I’ve learned those are all the things that make up an adventure. I’ve been asked to step out in faith, into adventure, time and again, trusting His plan for me. And each time I’ve lifted my feet and moved one foot in front of the other, I’ve been so thankful.

I’ve never regretted it.

I love the first page of a new notebook–blank and fresh. But sometimes new beginnings aren’t as easy a new moleskine. Sometimes you are moving (across the country) (twice). Sometimes you are a starting a new job in a new again city.

IMG_7015There are nerves and excitement and when there is fear I have to let it go, like a whoosh of breath. The thing is that the past two years have been all about leaps and risks. Is that life or is it something in me changing? Sometimes I think: oh, I must be immune to that pit of nervousness in my stomach.

But hey. Guess what? I’m not.

And I don’t really want to be.

Because the truth about (new) adventures and new beginnings is that they are opportunities to grow and learn–about yourself, about the world, about God. I don’t want to ever stop walking out in faith. I don’t want to play it safe and I certainly don’t want to settle.

But wanting this and living it are two different things. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m nervous to meet new people and colleagues (and I’m a people person!). I’m nervously eager to do a quality job in this blessing I’ve been given. My brain is the opposite of GPS so I am anxious to relearn Chicago (since I’ve forgotten what little I “knew”).

Nerves and faith are not exclusive. I trust God with this new beginning but I’m a little nervous.joshua

But fear. Fear is different. Fear clutches you and hold you back. Fear is unbelief. Fear is saying no to adventure. Fear and faith oppose one another.

How do you handle new beginnings, friends?


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19 thoughts on “New Beginnings: The Truth About Adventures

  1. Steve

    Really insightful post. Sometimes we struggle to follow the path in front because fear knocks us back. With God’s help we can face these fears, survive and then thrive. I believe you will too!

  2. Robyn B

    you are so right! new beginnings can be very scary, but also full of such adventure & so many unwritten pages! the best advice i’ve ever gotten is to “take it one day at a time” let tomorrow’s worries stay in tomorrow. face what is in front of you!

  3. Katie Elizabeth

    I’ve been having all these same thoughts the last couple months with our move approaching. It’s going to mean new job, new friends, new everything. Especially when life is so comfortable here, it’s going to be hard to completely start over! But I loved what you said about not wanting to settle or play it safe – the adventure/fear/scariness is worth it!

  4. Mia @ makemeupmia

    Well this is pretty relevant to me right now, so thank you for sharing 🙂 We are so excited for our new journey and adventure we’ll be starting once our house sells. At first I felt a little scared, but honestly now I’m so strangely NOT. It’s so weird. We have no jobs or home lined up, but we have each other and money to make the transition, I’m just excited! I’m so glad we punched fear in the face and are just jumping. I’m glad you are enjoying your journeys girl!

  5. Sarah

    This is so lovely! Congrats on the new job. I just started a new job a few weeks ago and it’s crazy how in just a few weeks that awkward wet bathing suit dries and becomes the uniform the a hopeful and exciting future! <3

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  8. catherine gacad

    i think it’s possible to be fearful (aren’t we all?), but still be brave and still move forward. fear can be good and challenging, not always negative.

  9. Mayara Moreira

    Ciao!!! Glad I stumbled upon your blog! New beginnings can be rough but without them we would always be stuck in the same place!! Glad I choose to take my new beginning and I am happy to see you take yours as well!

    Arivederci ( PS I took Italian in high school and I take any opportunity I can to relive the beautiful language since I don’t personally know any italians 🙁 hahaha


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