Meet the June Daisies.

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There are a lot of great things about blogging but one of them is meeting great people from all walks of life. This month I am honored to share these four ladies and their blogs with you. These are girls I can honestly say you should get to know. (You also may find some food inspiration or a book to add to your summer reading list). These girls are funny, beautiful–inside and out, and have great blogs. So without further ado…


Favorite Summer Activity: Texas Rangers Games – Grilling at a tailgate ahead of time too!

If your blog had a theme song: Hope Now by Addison Road

Best Meal you’ve ever tasted: On our honeymoon in Costa Rica, we went on a little fishing/snorkeling excursion and came back with 3 40lb Mahi Mahi!  We brought some of the fresh Mahi Mahi back with us to our resort and the chef cooked it for us for dinner – half grilled/half fried with dipping sauces and sides.  It was the most amazing meal we have ever had!  We stuffed ourselves until we were sick and still had leftovers.  It was phenomenal!

Favorite book to read by the pool/beach: The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle (I just finished it and it cracked me up the whole time!)

The post that explains your blog story best:

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Favorite Summer Activity: Going to Disney World! We have gone every year since I was in middle school and it is absolutely my favorite place in the world.

If your blog had a theme song: Rollerblades by Eliza Doolittle

Best Meal you’ve ever tasted: There is some MEAN sushi at the California Grill at the Contemporary Resort at Disney. I went with a couple of my friends for my 21st birthday and it was amazing.

Favorite book to read by the pool/beach: It’s not a book, but Real Simple Magazine. Otherwise you can never go wrong with re-reading Harry Potter!!

The post that explains your blog story best: (Practically) A Year in Review

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Favorite Summer Activity: Beach days followed by Tower 7 margs and lots of chips and salsa.

If your blog had a theme song: Oh, there could be so many. I don’t mean to be redundant or predictable but Fancy is my jam right now, and I feel like that attitude sometimes comes across in my blog. Good or bad?

Best Meal you’ve ever tasted: There were so many- but pretty much every meal I had in Italy. Neen can testify- those ingredients are the freshest on the planet and it was like tasting their true natural flavors for the first time in my life. Please go to Italy and see.

Favorite book to read by the pool/beach: Any YA book- so far I’ve loved The Fault in Our Stars, The Spectacular Now, The Divergent series, and Emily Giffin’s books.

The post that explains your blog story best: Again, going back to my very first styled shoot. If you’ve followed since the beginning (October 2013) you know the content has continually evolved. I hope this isn’t annoying, it’s just taken me awhile to find my niche. Thanks for sticking with me!

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Favorite Summer Activity: Lake Days, Grilling out on the patio, Sun Brewed Sweet Tea, & Tan Lines.

If your blog had a theme song: Probably the theme song from Happy Days…have you seen that show? I used to watch it on Nick at Night as a kid! ha!

Best Meal you’ve ever tasted: There’s no way I can just choose one! But if I havvvve to…it would probably be my mom’s homemade chicken enchiladas! They’re delicious & mine NEVER turn out the same! Also, to be honest…anything my mom cooks after I haven’t been home in a while is THE. BEST!

Favorite book to read by the pool/beach: I am a huge Jodi Picoult fan – her books are well written & super captivating!

The post that explains your blog story best: I am not so sure this post explains my blog story, but it does explain my motives & goals for this year. 

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So now, I am hungry and have a list of books and magazines to read. I really do enjoy all of these women and their blogs. We’ve got a raffle coming at you later in the month so get excited. And because I am in a celebratory mood (I haven’t told you guys why yet), I’m offering 10% off all sponsorships through friday for July. Just mention this post and I’ll honor it (for July) and it’s open to everyone (even the current sponsors).



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  1. San

    I liked this post! Not only sharing other bloggers but having them answer these questions to get to know them. A clever way to say check this blog out!

    1. Nina Post author

      And we’ll never be royals (royals)…It don’t run in our blood. That kind of lux just ain’t for us. We crave a different type of a buzz.

      See what I did there?

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