Real Talk: Confidence vs. Flo

IMG_6816It’s summer time. YAY. There is only one thing stopping me from complete and utter glee…Here is where I warn you that this may be tasteful TMI. You didn’t know that existed, did you? Well, I just invented it.

I was the first person in school to be visited by Aunt Flo (it was fifth grade…FIFTH GRADE…that can scar a child). I had to find someone with a quarter…I mean who has money in fifth grade and put on one of those diapers…This was all very ironic because when my mom explained Flo to me, I laughed in her face. NO WAY was I going to have to deal with that every month for the majority of my life. NO WAY she’d hid it from me for so long.

Unfortunately, yes way, Nina.

Since then, Flo and I meet once a month. When she’s around, I sit on the edge of chairs. I “check the situation” constantly. I sleep on a towel for goodness sake! I’m a freak. When Flo is in town, there is no point where I am comfortable or confident. She’s always on the peripheral of my mind. Summer is the worst. The months of white pants and dresses. Ah! Danger! I have been known to change my wardrobe plans based on Flo and that’s just not right. Is it? Basically, my confidence in getting up, moving around, playing volleyball, bocce, bags, all those great summer activities plummets because helllllllooooo, Flo is in control.

And please tell me I am not the only girl who has experienced some disasters. Tell me this is a fact. I cannot count the undies that have died at her hands.

In fact, I am sure that it is a fact. I mean, pretty sure. Why else would there be a Save the Undies Campaign?

IMG_6802I went out on a limb and tried the new Kotex Pads with a 3D core. So this 3D core locks in wetness so there is no leaking and therefore, your undies and my undies are saved. Don’t believe it? Free samples. (I don’t know about you but I hear the word free and the word sample and I click. Period. Pun unintended).

Guys…I mean, Girls. I am so glad I tried U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core.  (Do I lie to you?) It really does capture everything and once I realized this, I no longer felt beholden to Flo. I wore a white maxi dress and I hardly ever thought about Flo. I played volleyball. And soccer (but not while wearing the white maxi dress). I didn’t have to worry! For a girl who has worried since the age of 11, this is a huge break through and I had to share it with you guys. I mean, girls. (Because free! Free! How often can I emphasize free? Just click here.)IMG_6820

So, again…click here for free samples. Why not? What do you have to lose? Think of what you have to gain? There are a bunch of different kinds too–thin, overnight, etc. Guys…I mean, girls…I’m all in. My confidence doesn’t have to dive every month for a week. I mean, add that up. That’s going to end up being a fourth of my life. I am so glad I found a solution.

So was that tasteful TMI? Will you guys…girls…sample it?

Try it!




I have to thank Kotex for giving me back my confidence (and saving my undies), as well as sponsoring this discussion. Honestly, I feel so much better!

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