All that Glitters is Gold. (Holiday Gift Guide Part III)

UPDATE: A ton of the things on my gift guides here and here and on this one are on sale over the interwebs today Hi. I’m probably listening to Christmas carols right now…Sugarpaper LA (the pink calendar and the striped notebook, OfficeLuxe (which includes Kate Spade stationary), and TataHarper (amazing) are just a few that I know of.

But before I show you this gift list, I need to tell you something. I never pay full price for things. Okay, I rarely pay full price for things. I wait for the Friends and Family events at stores like Bloomingdales, which is way outside of my price range, except when I get 25% off or more, even on watches (which never go on sale!). There are items on this list that range from high to low (but they’re all gold!) but still I have to emphasize things my Nonna taught me. Do not be afraid to ask when the next sale will be. For example, I would walk myself into Kate Spade, say hello, and ask them politely when the next sale would be because I wanted to buy a, b, c. Then I would ask that employee when they worked so they would get the commission. I also make sure I have a budget for everyone I need to buy for before I go shopping. Otherwise, people would be getting a TON of great gifts that fit them perfectly but I would be broke. Remember to always ask for a gift receipt, too! Especially this time of year, there are a lot of flash sales and black friday (happy black friday!).

Finally, I have a question. Why must Jonathan Adler make such perfect elephant and animal things? I refuse to spend the money unless he is majorly on sale. But why does he make perfect elephants?

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  1. Michael Kors Midsize Golden Steel Runway Three Hand Watch//$195//Kate Spade//Why it’s on the list:  Gold. Rose gold. What’s a girl to do? I recently tried on a Rose Gold watch from Kors and previously, it had not looked good on my skin tone (I’m Snow white, in real life). But this one was different. The gold was too brassy on my wrist. But this was perfect, like three bears. I also love the braided part. Although for people with small wrists, this is not an option.
  2. Animalia Coaster Set//$78//Jonathan Adler//Why it’s on the list: Because (pretend I said that in a whiny voice) he makes perfect animal things. Things I want to buy for my friends’ babies but I just refuse to spend the money. However, these are for grown ups and gorgeous looking. And elephants! And elephants.
  3. Bright Spot Avenue iPad sleeve//$145//Kate Spade//Why it’s on the list: Sometimes we need reminders. Be dazzling! I love the Rose Gold Color and c’mon, sometimes we need to remember that we can dazzle.
  4. Pop Fizz Clink Holiday Card Set of 10//$25//Kate Spade//Why it’s on the list: I love these cards and the theme Kate Spade is going with for this year. I am a freak for cards and the price for ten cards is actually quite good! These may be landing in some people’s mail boxes this year.
  5. Pop Fizz Studs Earrings//$32//Kate Spade//Why it’s on the list: This is one on the list that I haven’t told Santa about because I just realized I love them. I need studs for my job so I end up wearing the same pearls everyday because the Forever 21 earrings, while totally in, turn my ears green. So I am always on the market for chic studs and I love the playful vibe. (Santa?????)
  6. Child Size Sequin Hanger//$13//Pearls and Pastries (on Etsy)//Why it’s on the list: So, I talked about the regular size sequin hanger but now I want to talk about the child’s size. It’s literally PERFECT for Ava’s dress up clothes or a special outfit she wants to hang up for school. Anyway, I asked you: who doesn’t need a sequin hanger? (including young children)
  7. Get it Girl//$38//Michelle Dwight//Why it’s on the list: This is already on my list! It’s going to go on one of my chairs while the Belquist pillows will go on my bed. And you know what? It will remind me to always go and get it, girl! I don’t write self actualizations in lipstick in my mirror but I am a firm believer in little reminders like this to myself.
  8. Things We Love Coffee Table Book//$40//Kate Spade//Why it’s on the list: So, you may have noticed that this is a little Kate Spade heavy. So I figure…I will LOVE what she LOVES. Right??? Is this good logic?
  9. Critter Charm Necklace//$14.50//J Crew Factory Outlet//Why it’s on the list: I already have this baby. There was a flash sales (see?!) and I grabbed it for myself and two friends. Can I just say that EVERYONE comments on it? Boys, Girls–they love it. It was the first thing my little sister noticed after not physically seeing me for months. Later, she told her Karen, “Mom, I love elephants. Just like Nina.” (More on that story later!) and she even found her own elephant necklace at the Santa Monica Pier that she wears proudly. Also, as another aside, a really good friend, who knows me really well, finally read my blog (yeah, I know…what’s his deal?) and he told me: I think the biggest take away I got from your blog was that I didn’t know exactly how much you loved elephants. Well, guess what, I do! And I wear this necklace every single day.
  10. Bow Push Pins//$24//Kate Spade//Why it’s on the list: So cute. Again, surprisingly affordable considering the brand. If I had a home office (hahaha, San Francisco is laughing at me right now as I type this in my studio) I would have a cork board just so I could use these bow push pins. A girl can dream? Yes, she can. And I do.
  11. The Great Gatsby  Spiral Notebook//$14//Kate Spade//Why it’s on the list: You guys. At first glance, you think it’s a book. But it is a spiral notebook! What the, what the? I love this so much. Maybe I would get this for my brother since he told me The Great Gatsby was the one book he considered finishing in high school. Yes, you read that correctly. Normally, he’s not a writer but he’s an entrepreneur now, guys.

This is so great, guys! Because I feel like I am a personal shopper and I am not spending any money! One more holiday gift guide to go…Unless there is a clamor for more. PS You can also follow me on Pinterest because I am a great pinner. It may seem like this does not take talent but it sure does, baby.

Throwing Glitter in the air,


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14 thoughts on “All that Glitters is Gold. (Holiday Gift Guide Part III)

  1. veronica

    Oh’s got to be the coaster animals…I’m sure I can find someone to buy those for..wait a minute..myself!

    1. Nina Post author

      That’s kind of how I feel about all the gift guides LOL. But no really, it’s been very therapeutic. Like I’m shopping but I’m not spending any money. 🙂

    1. Nina Post author

      So…maybe a few months ago…I went into a store…they were having a sale…and maybe I tried on a Rose Gold MK watch…and just maybe I fell in love. And just maybe I had a friend aka an enabler who said who could pass up that price and I might have, maybe, a few months ago, bought it.

      But hypothetically, it wasn’t that one. That one is gorgeous but it would fall off of my wrist because I am pretty sure you can’t take links out. But no maybe: it is beautiful.

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