How to Move Across the Country. (Ha!)

…or how it happened for me.

And away we go...

Crazy. Cray-zee.

  1. Receive a phone call offering you a job interview. Decide to leap. Don’t think; just do. (At this point, you have no idea how far you will be leaping.) Good thing, too.
  2. Pack. If you get the job, you’ll build a life in this new place. If not, you’ll fly back home. Pack enough for a month in case you are moving. But don’t pack too much either because you need to get this on the plane. And then take public transportation.
  3. Simultaneously, reach out to anyone who might know anyone who might know anyone where you are going. Secure a place to stay for the week of your interview.
  4. Hug your family before you leave. Let them cry. You may be back in a week. But you also might not be. (You won’t be.)
  5. Stay with a friend from high school. A male friend who also lives with three male friends. Males who don’t clean the bathroom. You haven’t really stayed in close contact with this friend so it’s a little awkward but not so awkward that you can’t survive. In fact, it’s kind of nice, except…
  6. Buy cleaning supplies and with their permission bleach the bathroom so you can shower. Also, borrow sheets from your recruiter because who even knows when the roommate whose bed you are borrowing last changed his sheets. This whole time, just do the next thing. Don’t think. Don’t think about what is in that bathroom. Clean it and shower. Just do. Be grateful.
  7. Kill your interview. Sigh in relief when you get the job. Sit bugged eyed for many moments wondering what to do next. You did it! Now what.
  8. Secure housing for the next few months. You can’t stay with these males. There is no room once that kid from that one tech company (starts with g and ends with oogle; welcome to San Francisco) gets back from visiting his family. Look for something temporary. You want to make sure you like this city. You want to make sure you like this job.
  9. Secure sublease in the land of pinterest on a sunday.
  10. Start work the next day.

And we will pick up the story from there. Signature

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