Please excuse the dust…

I’m under a bit of construction. In the meantime, I plan on writing up a storm.


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2 thoughts on “Please excuse the dust…

  1. Nancy

    Really related to your post on being a perfectionist – although I’ve learned to let things go. I compete with myself mostly, but have noticed a sense of competition in me with others that I never really knew was there before. Loved your writing on this. Yes, you are a writer!!

  2. Nina Post author

    Nancy, perfectionism is so hard. I want to do well and it is so hard to know when I am pushing myself to hard. But I totally agree, even though I am mostly competing against myself, in sales, you’re very, very aware of how others are doing too. It’s hard and kind of fruitless but it’s also hard to just…stop. Thanks so much for commenting and letting me know I am not alone in this. Would love to hear from you again.


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