When Christmas is Hard.

Because Christmas is hard sometimes. Even if we don’t want to admit it.

This is my scary realization about my memory. I was going to write a post about “When the Holidays are Hard” then when I was linking posts to yesterday’s post, I saw I had already posted about this. Nonetheless, it is a good reminder for me and maybe it may help someone. This was originally posted in 12/13.

I want to write about something that a lot of people don’t talk about, including myself. In fact, for many years, I lived in blissful denial until reality smacked me in the face, each and every time. For some people, the holidays can be difficult.

joy ornament

Yes, I know that this acknowledgement doesn’t have everyone running for Christmas cookies and singing Christmas carols. In fact, maybe you just threw the cookies at the screen, stuck your fingers in your ear and started singing extremely loudly, “Fa la la la la la la la la…”

I know this isn’t true for everyone but I was blessed enough that both my mom’s family and my dad’s family got along well enough that we spent holidays together as a group. That’s rare and special and I treasure those memories very much.

Then my parent’s divorced.

Here is the lie I told myself: Nothing really is going to change. Your parents still love you. Your parents still parent you together. Your parents respect one another and care for one another and even laugh together. Count your freaking blessings. It’s Christmas! Joy to the World, NINA!

I don’t blame myself for telling myself this lie. In a way, I needed to tell myself this lie. But the lie got me into trouble, especially during the holidays. Because I would sing Christmas carols and wrap presents and talk about advent as the day approached without even thinking about the lie I told myself. Then the day would happen (it could be any holiday, but let’s focus on Christmas) and I would wake up with this unbearable sadness that I took out on everyone around me in the form of meanness. Total Christmas cheer for everyone, right? Joy to the world is right.

Finally, after a couple of years of reality smacking me in the face, I admitted: holidays are difficult in some ways and that is okay. It is okay that it makes me sad that not everyone can be together. It’s okay that it makes me a little sad even when I am having a great time with my dad’s family because one crucial person is missing–my mom. And It’s okay that it makes me a little sad when I am laughing with my mom’s family too. It’s okay to admit that it is not fun to leave one family’s house early to go to dessert at the other house.**

This bit of sadness comes from a good and healthy place. It’s not wrong to feel it (which is what I thought when I lied to myself and took it out on others). So now, I feel it. I let it wash over me. I go into the holiday knowing the push and pull that is in my heart (not because anyone ever makes me feel guilty) because who doesn’t want to be with everyone they love on Christmas?

It’s not just divorce either. If we’ve lost someone, we can feel the joy of Christmas morning but also be very aware of who is missing. I would argue that we are more aware of loss on the days that our families come together. And that’s okay. What do we expect of ourselves?

I learned that I could feel this way without sinking into that feeling, that in fact, admitting it, kept me from sinking into it and becoming withdrawn or angry on the actual day. And yes, I realize I am a grown woman, and on a daily basis there is no woe is me about the divorce, but on holidays, yes, there are hard parts.

I am by no means an expert but the biggest piece of advice I can give people is to actually allow themselves to feel however they are feeling (and no, that does not mean I am suggesting anyone wallow in it) and to actually consider the day before the day happens so there isn’t an avalanche of feeling on Christmas morning. If you need to talk about it, talk about it…beforehand. With someone it is safe to talk about these types of things with. But, don’t try to talk about it on the actual day, because I don’t think I need to spell out for you how that is a recipe for a domino effect of depression. Haha?

Do the best you can and give yourself grace.Hope Ornament

Please know that I will be doing these same things this Christmas. I am in process, constantly. Aren’t we all?

*My disclaimer that I must give is that I continue to be blessed by my family. Everyone, and I mean everyone, works very hard to make it easier for both Joe and I, whether that means eating dinner earlier than normal or just saying to us over and over again, “It’s okay. Do not feel bad. It’s okay” when we leave early. I am never made to feel guilty (I can only imagine how difficult that would be in a situation like this); I am well aware that people in similar situations cannot always say this. I am encouraged to spend as much time as I want or is necessary with either side of the family by either side of the family. My nonna puts together a plate of her infamous, delicious shells for my cousins on my mom’s side because they still miss them. My mom gives my nonna a Christmas present. The place my feelings come from is a good place because I am blessed to have all these incredible people in my life .

christmas is hard

You know those Christmas cards that are pouring into your mailbox? They are great and I love them. I do. But just know, that is a picture. That is a flat image. Christmas doesn’t always go as beautifully as those cards. Something burns. Someone brings up politics. Whatever it may be. Isn’t that why people love the Griswold Family so much? I mean, maybe it’s just us, but my family could be the Griswolds. But then I remember, and I suggest gently that you also remember, that Christmas is not actually about you or me or decking the halls with boughs of holly.

It actually IS about Joy to the world.

…and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

Don’t beat yourself up for feeling a certain way. But don’t relish in it either. Relish in The Joy.

Okay, so I hope I handled that diplomatically and graciously.

Addendum: I really enjoyed this read by Jen Hatmaker.





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A Simple Christmas.

I am about to get real with you. Moving twice in six months left me craving simplicity. I am excited for Christmas. But you know what? underthetreeMy bare Christmas tree is just as beautiful as it was when I went the whole nine yards in San Francisco. The fact is, taking the ornaments out and adding the burlap bow which cascaded down, was just not happening. I have back problems so the bending down just did not seem fun at this point. And then I realized that I really like the simplicity of a naked tree.christmasdecorationsI kept it really simple, even with wrapping. Because my usual thing is making a beautiful package that takes so long that I don’t want to wrap and I rush on Christmas Eve. Yeah, not fun. So I thought if I kept that simple this year that maybe I would wrap all my presents before the 24th.christmaswrappingHow do you think my idea is going? I have three gifts wrapped and many to go. But at least all my shopping is done–officially as of last night. So simple is the word the key word for me this year. Otherwise, I just would not get through everything I need to because of the amount of change that has happened in such a short amount of time. But I am pretty sure that Mary kept it pretty simple when she placed Jesus in the manger. So there’s that. Which also reminds me of the nativity scene I made in preschool out of toilet paper rolls.christmasdecorationsdeskI added this winter scene to my desk. It goes with all the white, keeps it clean and simple. I can dig it–a simple Christmas.shereadstruthchristmasI also set these prints on the windowsill–no mess, no fuss. They came with the Advent Study I am doing with SheReadsTruth (It’s amazing). They also keep me centered on the reason for the season. My street is so decorated and is so lovely at night. And the city goes all out. So I haven’t felt the need to go crazy in my little, tiny apartment. Maybe it is all the moving. And maybe I decorated in SF because in the 50 degree weather, I needed to be reminded that it was actually winter. Although Christmas in San Francisco is fabulous.
122Linking up with LisaKatie, Annie, and Cait.

I am keeping it simple this year with Christmas. What about you?




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Paint the Holidays Red | A Kate Spade Giveaway for the Holidays.

I am excited to offer this Kate Spade Giveaway for the Holidays in the most festive of colors with these other blogging ladies. The earrings are so glam and can be dressed up or down and the engraved compact is just that: darling. kate spade giveaway for the holidaysI love these earrings; both the shape and the color. Meanwhile, I love the compact too–it reminds me of Lady Mary and Downton Abbey and all the darlings she throws around. I love Mary, by the way. I also love the girls who are a part of the giveaway this month. I am fortunate to have such great sponsors and you should definitely check them out!

Now that we are talking about it…Who watches Downton Abbey? If Mary were a woman of this day and age and a lover of Kate Spade, don’t you think she would powder her nose with this? Ha. I thought so. giveawaygirls

Anne | Martha Kate | Liz | Mia

Autumn | Claire | Tabitha | Nina

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much for entering! I wish all of you could win. Just as a reminder, if you enter and win, the way you entered will be looked at. It breaks my heart when I have to choose a new winner because someone says they followed someone on twitter but really doesn’t. So take the 60 seconds to truly enter so I can verify you are actually the winner. Also, the winner must be a US resident unless you want to go halfsies with me on shipping.

You’re a darling and I love you, (bonus points if you know where that;s from….kidding! But kind of not. Ha!)



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Book Review: Winter Woven.

Winter WovenI wanted to love Garrett Curry’s “Winter Woven.” After all, there are so many things to love about it. It is gorgeously illustrated and the hand lettering is swoon-worthy. Originally, I planned on reading it with my four year old sister, but Garrett let me know that it was probably best for eight year olds and up.

The story is one of loss, not just the loss of a scarf, but the loss of a loved one. So I put myself in an eight year old shoes. If someone gave me this book, I would have treasured it for its beauty alone and the way it looks. Even though I was well into chapter books by this age, the design, illustrations, and the hand lettering would have hooked me. I have no doubt about that. The illustrations are done magnificently by Kyle Ragsdale.


Here are my problems with “Winter Woven.” Granted, I read it on a computer with a digital copy so this could be chalked up to my monitor’s fault but the beautiful hand lettering? It actually distracted me and made it difficult to read. It wasn’t because it was hand lettered; it was because the hand letting came in all different styles.

As a writer, I respect the fact that Garrett found a way to have his writing published. That in and of itself is amazing and noteworthy and I applaud him for it. I did find his writing heavy handed at times, especially for a children’s book. Take this description of Piper, the main character: “Nine year old Piper came prancing into the foyer with her green cozy socks up to her knobby, little knees, her eyes tightly shut, her face in a grimace, and her eyes arms reaching outward” (Curry, 4). I’m exhausted by commas and adjectives.


I had a few other issues. The circumstance that precipitates Piper’s journey is so abrupt. And maybe it is supposed to feel like that because (without giving it away) sometimes a circumstance like that does feel as if you suddenly run into an invisible brick wall. But I had to reread it to make sure I did not miss something.

Piper’s carelessness with a scarf comes back to haunt her when something else happens in her life.As an eight year old, I would have thought that if I ever lost something given to me, I may experience a bigger loss. Because one thing the writing did accomplish was tying the scarf back to the bigger loss. 


Like I said, I wanted to love this book. I was provided a digital copy in exchange for this review. No one likes to get something and then say it was just all right. The thing is, I have promised myself and promised you all that I will always be honest and authentic and so….This book was only okay.

It is beautiful though. It really is that. I wanted to love it so much.

You can buy Winter Woven at 20% off with the code YARNBARF.



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Friday Has Me Yellin’ YAY!

It’s that time again–Friday.

Or should I say FriYAY? This is going to be short and sweet. Promise. IMG_5345one

And you know what else. “It is FOR freedom that Christ has set you free” (Galatians 5:1). That’s why he died on the Cross for us. So we could live freely. How often do I trade in that freedom for anxiety or worry or despair? A lot. So just keep reminding me this, guys. Because that gift? It should not be wasted. I am writing this for myself. Just so you know.ninavlogtwo

Life and work have been crazy. No joke. Cray-zee. Except one day, I did get to an wear a ugly Christmas sweater which was actually really comfortable. Life was still crazy but guys, I looked fab-u-lous. Needless to say, I am pretty excited to see Friday.threeGuys, Guys. How many times have I said guys in this post? I need to go to bed. But if you have ever really wondered: who is Nina? (I know the question keeps you up at night). You need to just watch my vlog and wait for the amazing clip. Anytime I feel sad about myself (which is not today because today is Friday), I am going to watch it and remember exactly how awesome I am. And modest too.IMG_8694fourMy apartment is SO messy. Not the kind of messy where if people come over I can just say, “Oh, sorry. I haven’t had a chance to tidy up.” No. It is the kind of messy where I can’t have people over. On the Nina scale of messes in my life it’s only like a 5.5 so there’s that. Friday gives you a great outlook on life, guys.IMG_1575five

Remember that okay? And feel free to remind me of it all the freakin’ time. Even on Fridays.

I’m linking up with Darci, Christina, Natasha, April, Karli, and Amy.

five on friday
FriYAY, guys. FriYAY.




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Vlogging Again?! Yeah, I know.

I never thought I would be vlogging again. Then I ate my words.

I know, I know. How am I here again when only last month I proclaimed that I was only vlogging because I was challenged? Maybe challenged is not strong enough a word. Someone else chose the word harassed. Then you guys apparently loved it (unless you were lying but I choose to believe the best). Still, I probably would not have done it if not for two things.

First, Amanda challenged me this time. So I challenged her back. If you can’t handle the fire and all that jazz. Secondly, in making my first vlog, I found this…I honestly don’t know what to call it. I felt like I was a pirate coming upon buried treasure. And I knew I had to share it with the world because I think it is the moment when I peaked. It was all downhill after this one beautiful moment. You’ll have to watch and see it. You can’t miss it; don’t worry. 

I’m still not a vlogger though, guys. I am a blogger, a writer. Although all of a sudden I remember that I was on Speech Team when in high school (how cool was I?). I guess I am a good public speaker but I just prefer writing. When I am writing my soul sings. When I am vlogging, I worry about my how my hair looks. Just kidding. This vlog was actually filmed on early on Thanksgiving morn so I could get you better lighting to see my face which was oddly puffy that day. So you get to see my puffy face very clearly. But don’t forget that buried treasure I spoke of earlier. Because that surpasses everything else. 


 I am linking up with Faith, Bex, Sarah, and Elizabeth. I guess thanks? (Faith was the one who originally harassed me but I love her anyway.)

So seriously. Talk to me. How amazing was that clip? I don’t want to give anything away. And also, be real. Do you really enjoy this enough for me to do it once a month? Because remember what it requires.



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Favorite Things Giveaway.

Giveaway graphic

A Touch of Grace | A Deeper Joy | Flowers in My Hair

Making Mrs. M | The Contented Wife Blog | Pig & Dac

When I was asked what to be a part of a Favorite Things Giveaway, I was instantly excited because it’s so Oprah. In fact, the volcano capri blue candle that the winner gets from me (along with all the awesome stuff from the other ladies) (which you can find at Anthro) is something that I have been calling “my Oprah gift” for about two years. Everyone asks: what the heck do you mean your Oprah gift? And I say, it means: if I was as rich as Oprah, I would be all: “And you get a candle, and you get a candle, and you, and you!”

This candle smells like Christmas time, when you are inside and press your hand to the window as it snows. There is no pine in it. I am not being literal; it’s the feeling. It smells like getting a letter from your favorite friend. It smells like stepping off the plane in your favorite city. It smells like the moment you cross everything off your to do list. It smells like all the best feelings ever. I am not exaggerating. And I am also super picky with scents. You. will. love. this. candle.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


And everything else in the giveaway too!

Merry Christmas, 




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Color Swap: Mint to be Gray.

This year I did a color swap mostly because it sounded so fun to send a box full of fun things in one color and also, I won’t lie, receiving a box full of things in one color seemed pretty exciting. I was paired up with Brandi of Lipstick and Tractors. She chose the color…Well, I will let you guess.Mint Color Swap-FLowers in my HairBrandi and I emailed back and forth and we had a lot in common. We both love etsy, enjoy knitting, and all things paper goods. Mint Pencils-Flowers in my HairImmediately, I knew I was going to get her a cute set of pencils with fun sayings. I love giving these as gifts and even have my own Navy set that reads: What would Blair Waldorf do?Mint striped straws-Flowers in my hairI also love straws so I ordered some of those two. I found some really pretty and soft yarn on Etsy as well, along with the cute scoops with the mint colored stripes.mint chocolate-Flowers in my HairI added the mint cookies bites as an after thought. I looked for Andes mints but could not find them. But these do look delicious. I also gave her a few things which you can see in the top photo–washi tape and a cute polka dot pouch. As just something extra, I made her a cute print of something that Iggy Azalea said: Luxury is a mint on your pillow. I don’t count that as one of the things because I am not a professional (although I did love how it turned out). 

Honestly, picking out everything for Brandi was so fun and I was so excited for her to get it in the mail. And then my box came full of…gray. Is that a bland color? I think it’s so soothing and cozy. This is what Brandi got me.IMG_9559The thing I was most excited about were the tech gloves! Those were on my actual Christmas List. I probably should say that I never got on the tech gloves bandwagon because…San Francisco. Oh man, I sure do miss that place. And I love Chicago so I guess I left part of my heart in SF. 

Brandi also got me this infinity scarf that can be worn six ways, coffee, these cute gold stickers, straws (twinsies!), eyeshadow, and cute gift tags that I can use. IMG_9558This was so fun to do. Thank you, Brandi, for everything and thank you to Melissa who organized this whole unique process.

Mint or Gray…So fun!



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As Promised, the Announcement: Selling the Outlander Scarf and More.

It’s time for the announcement I spoke about last week. My etsy shop is reopened. But first, the genesis of this happening.

My mom never asks for anything for Christmas. So then I end up getting her something as amazing as I can but she never asks for anything. This year I asked her what she wanted expecting the same old song and dance and then she said, after a long pause, that she wanted me to knit her a scarf like the one on the show, Outlander. So I found it and combined a bunch of different patterns until I came up with coziest and yet fashionable cowl scarf.Outlander Cowl-Flowers in my HairThe scarf from Outlander is this gorgeous Barley color. And my version is double stranded for extra warmth and coziest. That means that each stitch includes two strands of yarn instead of the typical yarn. It comes in three different colors, currently.

My shop, originally called Straight Mugging, sold mugs for seven months and I put it on hiatus until I was settled again. It’s almost a year to the day since I first opened the the original shop. For many reasons, I probably won’t be selling mugs again. If I do, it will be a small quantity for a short time. So I’ve renamed the shop NB Wears Flowers because I have so many ideas of what I want to sell but the scarf is the only thing sustainable item at this time in my career and life. This scarf may be a season thing. I am not sure yet.kelly green cowl scarf-Flowers in my HairAfter losing my papa, and dealing with grief in really healthy ways like watching shows and reading books that make me cry so I can let out emotion but not be sad about it. But the knitting, the consistent motions, concentrating on one single scarf, one stitch at a time, being in the moment, has been honestly great.bordeaux red scarf-Flowers in my HairI am offering 10% off to my readers with the code: flowersinmyhair. You guys have always supported me in all my endeavors and no matter what I am going through, and whether you buy something or you don’t, I am grateful for all of you. Thank you! This blog has come to mean so much for me and it is because of the community and you, the readers.Outlander Cowl Scarf-Flowers in my HairJust in case you didn’t know, that is not me in the photo–it is my cousin’s gorgeous girlfriend, Brittany–wearing the Outlander scarf in the original barley. I was behind the camera. So let me know what you thinking. Do you knit? Are you scarf obsessed like me? What do you think?

Thanks, friends!




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Rosies & Daisies in December.

 It’s that time to show off some of my favorite ladies. When I started my sponsorship program, I had no idea what I had in store. I honestly have enjoyed my partnerships with all of these ladies (with one exception awhile ago…just keepin’ it real so you know when I say I love these ladies, I really mean it. They are such a joy and I love their blogs.

Just as an FYI, the sponsorship here at Flowers in my Hair has been super successful. As the blog has grown, I have known that I need to raise the prices as my reach increased but it didn’t seem right to do it in the middle of the year so the changes will take place on Jan 1. If you purchase anything before that, you will still receive the price as it is now, even if your sponsorship doesn’t take place until after the new year. Oh, and by the way, here is a discount code: snowflake…for 15% off.

I work really hard to showcase my sponsors in a dynamic way. Take it away, friends…1 // Hi!  I’m Anne and I’m the blogger behind Love the Here and Now, a lifestyle blog that covers just about everything I am currently enjoying in life. 

2 // It is my favorite time of year….the holidays!  I am a huge fan of Christmas and have no shortage of decorations or Christmas trees around my home.  I am proof that DIY Outdoor Decorations are simple and easy to do.
3 // Besides the amazing blogging community, blogging has introduced me to a love of fonts.  I love collecting them and combining them with other fonts to make fun graphics for my blog.  The 2nd Tuesday of each month I share some of my new favorites.    
4 // I am married to my high school sweetheart and together we are navigating this crazy life of ours.  We have been married for almost 18 years.  Looking forward to many more years of marriage!
5 // Fall is definitely my favorite season and occasionally you’ll find me sipping my favorite adult beverage
6 // Sometime you will find recipes on Love the Here and Now.  They have to be simple and delicious to make the cut.  This one fit the bill perfectly.  
7 // As I said, I love Fall, but I can’t ignore the fact that Winter brings some pretty great things with it too.  Hot cocoa anyone?
8 // These three beauties are my world.  Being a mom is the toughest yet most rewarding job there is. 
9 // I host 2 link ups that I would love for you to join.  Every Wednesday I host Wednesday Wishes and the 1st Tuesday of every month I host the Awesome Link Up (share things that make you smile).  
I’d love to have you follow Love the Here and Now.  Stop by and introduce yourself!  You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin’, Pinterest, and Facebook.  

hellorigby! Seattle Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Collage

1. Hi! I’m Jenn, and I blog over at hellorigby! about fashion, life, and beauty.

2. In case you haven’t visited my blog before, you may be interested to know that it’s named after my dog, Rigby. He’s a 2-year-old Shiba Inu, and I think secretly most people who visit like him more than me. ;)

3. Besides fashion and life, I also enjoy reading in my (very little) spare time. I usually post what I’ve read recently, and I’m working on finishing my goal of reading 100 books this year!

4. I recently took up vlogging and started my own YouTube channel. My most recent vlog is full of useful hairstyle tips, just in time for the holiday season!

5. I’m a huge fan of shopping, but one of the downfalls is how easy it is to spend money. To create some of my looks, I hit up the local thrift shops. Some of my favorite outfits have been put together with thrifted pieces!

6. Speaking of budgeting, I share what I buy every month in my clothing budget recap post. Some months are better than others… (Oh and PS, those Loubs? Paid less than $50 for both. Score.)

7. When I’m not shopping or reading, I like digging into my makeup bag. Here’s what’s in mine right now!

8. Everyone has a vice. Mine happens to be binging on Netflix re-runs, like The Gilmore Girls. It inspired this post, which is one of my favorites.

9. But most of all, my favorite activity these days is blogging. I’m basically always thinking up what to work on next, and love learning from this amazing community!

hellorigby! blog | Bloglovin’ | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

makemeupmiaOne. Hi! My name is Mia and you can find me over at Make Me Up Mia, a lifestyle & beauty blog. I’m a total girly girl and absolutely LOVE to talk beauty & makeup with anyone who will listen.
Two. My husband Dustin and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary August. Each year gets better & better with my best friend by my side.
Three. We adopted our Pekingese Pixie 7 years ago and yes, we are that couple. 
Four. You’ll find a lot of beauty products & tutorials on my blog. Fun & easy nail looks are something I thoroughly enjoy. 
Five. Dustin and I started our weight loss journey over 3 years ago, we did it the good old fashion way- eating better and working out. We are changed for life & couldn’t be happier. 
Six. That being said, my sweet tooth will never go away. I’m ok with that… 
Seven. My little brother was involved in an ATV accident Sept 2013 and suffered a TBI. He is the strongest fighter I’ve ever known, my true hero#prayformayberry 
Eight. We love traveling and the beach will always be my happy place. We tried to move from Oklahoma to Florida  earlier this year, but our house wouldn’t sell. Maybe someday! 
Nine. My other happy place? My home office, which I upgraded this summer. It makes all the difference when your spot is cozy.

I | Hi everyone! I’m Autumn and I’m a new blogger over at which I started to occupy my post grad days with something creative and meaningful (sitting on the couch watching Netflix all day was getting old). This creative venture has been so great in helping me figure out my style of life.

2 | I LOVE traveling. One day I hope to turn my blog into a travel blog to quench my insatiable desire for experiencing different places and people.

3 | I really enjoy working out. It’s become a great hobby for me and I love giving others fitness and healthy eating tips.

4 | I’m originally from Texas, went to school in California, currently live in South Florida and call the Bahamas my true home. I’m an all around everywhere kinda girl.

Blog | Bloglovin’ | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram


One: Hi everyone! I’m Claire and I blog at Refining Bliss, a lifestyle blog where I write about my time in grad school and life in Columbus!

Two: I’m getting married on October 3, 2015, and this is our venue

Three: I’m in my second year of grad school at The Ohio State University, working towards my Master of Public Health! I graduate in May, and I’ve been a ball of emotions – excited, terrified, and nostalgic.

Four: Crafting is one of my main hobbies. I learned to knit in 5th grade, and actually started an after-school knitting club! More recently, I made my own T-shirt quilt and am frantically trying to finish up Christmas presents.

mindfulmattersOne. Season’s Greetings!  I am Diane from Mindful Matters Jewelry, a unique artisan jewelry boutique featuring many handmade designs using clay, mixed metals …..and lots of other fun media!
Two. Many new Necklace Designs are featured in the Mindful Matters 2014 Collection.
Three. I create beaded bracelets in styles that range from tribal to whimsical.
Four. I delight in designing earthy new earring styles for the art-loving world traveler!

One. Hi, I’m Heather! You’ll find me rambling on about life + style over in my little corner of the interwebs, Style Prescription.

Two. My husband and I are expecting and we found out the gender at our reveal this month! We are over the moon!

Three. Speaking of my husband, we also recently celebrated our 2-year anniversary . I can be mushy sometimes:)

Four. I love styling looks, especially during the holiday season! Check out my most recent party styles here and here .
December Daisy Collage

One: Hi! I’m Liz and I blog over at Baby Got B.A. where I talk about my life as a student/Disney person and all the struggles that are so so real.

Two: I am in full on finals mode over here, but I am pleased to announce that I AM (kind of) DONE WITH CALCULUS FOREVER!!!!

Three: This is not where I blog, but I love the room I’ve put together, even if my apartment is the worst place in the world.

Four: I’M SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS – Disney Christmas, and red cups and EVERYTHING MERRY AND BRIGHT!tab
1. Hey there, I’m Tabitha! A late twenties gal with procrastination tendencies and an obsession with mascara; who happens to be a mom, and believes that a glass of wine can fix anything. I blog over at a lifestyle blog called a hundred tiny wishes … and most of the time it’s a place where I bear my soul. Basically, It’s a place for me to share the beauty of life and just be me. I write about family, diy, beauty, motherhood, style, my many confessions, beauty reviews, and more; because living a hundred tiny wishes at a time is a lifestyle.

2. Like I said, I am a mom to a Lil Man. He just turned four, and is the light of my life. I am also married and you can read our love story to find out the rest.

3. In my free time, I love to paint glassware and make jewelry; so in March 2014, I opened an Etsy Shop called tiny wishes creations.

4. 2. I have a dog- Duce, and since we got him six years ago, I have had a budding obsession with Moose.

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