Thanks, Mom.

thanks momJust for the record, before I get to it, I think I still make that face when someone says something less than smart.

Thanks, Mom, for those two midnight phone calls in a row these past two nights. The first one, okay, maybe I was allowed because I was crying and you stayed up with me and just talked to me and that’s a very mom thing to do. Not all moms would do it but you did it. And it is kind of understandable that I called you.

The second midnight phone call in a row, though? Mom, I’m sorry.

I was just reading this mystery book that was scaring me a little (does it take much? are memories flooding back to you of my childhood of you crawling out of my room after I fell asleep so I wouldn’t notice?) and went to turn on my bedside lamp which happens to be the only light in my bedroom area because of the set up of the apartment and the lightbulb went out.

So I went looking for lightbulbs like the grown adult woman that I am and could not locate them. (For the record, I stayed calm which I think shows progress from when I was four and you had to crawl out of my room).

So I called you, because you were with me when I bought the lightbulbs, like the very non-adult girl that I am. At midnight. And you stayed on the phone with me until I found them.

I love you. I am sorry. Thanks, Mom. You’re very pretty.

Everyone reading is totally allowed to laugh now.



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Nice Girls.

nice girls 3I plucked my eyebrows knowing my mother told me that I could not. She asked, sitting across from me at lunch, “Nina, did you pluck your eyebrows?”

“No,” I lied. I am not a good liar in general, let alone when it comes to my parents. I remember the first lie I ever told my dad. I told them the first time I kissed a boy, when I had my first drink. I am an oversharer, not a liar. But in fifth grade I lied, trying to blink at my mother, like some deformed fish.

“I can see the redness where you plucked,” my mother hissed at me across the table and then she laughed at me. “They aren’t even!”

At school, the girls asked me if I had done something to my face. “Nope,” I told them. I understand that you may not believe me when I say I was not a liar, especially when I just gave you two examples of times I did lie.

“Hmm,” the girls replied and I knew, like my mom, they saw through me.

The next day, I admitted to them that I plucked my eyebrows. “Thank goodness!” they cried. “We’ve been wanting to tell you to do it for so long now.”

So I knew they’d talked about my unibrow behind my back. I was embarrassed in a way I could not pinpoint then and proud that I had done something about my ugliness at that same time. I felt alone, isolated. How long had they kept the secret of my ugliness from me? How many other ugly features did I have for them to talk about?nice girls 2

If you are a woman and you say you have never felt the cutting words of a mean girl, you are lying or very fortunate. But if you are a woman and you say, you’ve never been a mean girl, you are liar. I have to tell you the truth here because there are two types of mean girls–those that thrive on meanness and those that do it out of adolescent fear and loneliness and just sheer appreciation that the herd is not focused on them. Most of us fall in latter category and as for the first, I think there is probably fear involved for them too. I’m just not confident going deep into their psyche when I relate to the latter.

It’s hard for me to remember the moments when I was a mean girl–the time I wrote a letter to a girl who moved away and called my teacher an awful name, a word I never used before aloud in my life, but wrote in the letter just to seem cool. The teacher found it and confronted me, shaking with hurt and anger. I shook with shame. I hurt someone deeply and it still leaves me feeling ashamed.

Still, there were plenty of times when I chose kindness instead. I was raised to be a good kid. I befriended a muslim girl who was abused by other muslims because she did not wear a headscarf or know arabic and yet could not break her way into mainstream popularity either (I use this example because in my mind, this is metaphor for adolescence. You know the phrase you win some you lose some? During puberty, I think most of just lose some).

nice girls 1I was never the “nice girl.” I was kind (most of the time). I was good. I liked to use humor and sarcasm. I was honest (most of the time). Making people laugh is a kindness. It took me a long time to realize, the “nicest” girls were often the meanest.

I’m not here to defend myself. In fact, I didn’t need to tell you any of this. I’ve spent so many years ashamed of the moments when I let fear and my own differences lead to ugliness–how often I cried over the fact that I was the first girl to go through puberty, the first one to wear a bra, the one the boys made fun of and not in the teasing way that crushes do. When I realized I could have a personal relationship with Jesus, my whole world view changed. It continues too.

But I still don’t like the word “nice.” I am not called to be “nice” as a Christian. It’s funny because for so long that’s all I wanted to be, “a nice Christian girl.” Now, I see I am called to be authentic. Nice will forever signify (at least to me now) something superficial. I know plenty of people–Christians and every other box you can tick on a survey–who are nice for the sake of it. See, people say and do things all the time for sake of being “nice.” What I’ve realized is that “nice” can be an idol. When Paul talks about being a servant to all, he says he does it all for the sake of the Gospel. He isn’t trying to be nice at all. He is trying to serve in love by way of the Gospel (1 Corinthians 9). When we do things from the heart, nice has nothing to do with it. Love does.

Perhaps the place I have seen the epidemic of nice bother me the most is the church. Part of this is my fault because for a long time I held it to a perfect standard when it is made of imperfect people (including myself). When I was in ministry and now that I am part of a christian blogging community, it’s not the mean people who hurt my feelings. At least they are honest. Most of the time it has been “the nice christian girl.”

But Nina, what’s wrong with being nice?

I’m still figuring it out because my whole life I wished it came easy to me. We have to acknowledge that there is conflict between Christians (and there is conflict…look no further than Paul and Barnabas in Acts 15:36-41) these “nice” girls use passive aggressive words and an “xo”, maybe an emoji, to make sure I still think of them as “nice.”

I don’t.

Though Paul and Barnabas went their separate ways I am a big believer that conflict can grow into something beautiful if we let it. God works all things for good, even conflict. Why don’t we get out of our own way?

entrway5I mess up all the time. That’s the thing you have to know. I try my hardest to be authentic. I just told a close friend that the people I struggle the most to be empathetic with are those who are ill informed about the world around them, who hoose to not read the news (what would women a hundred years ago say about this privilege!). But hey, God doesn’t say I get to love everyone except those people. So I am working on it and I know he is working on it because he has promised to finish his good work in me (Philippians 1:6).

I don’t want to be thought of as nice. I want to be thought of tenderhearted and brave–both of those things at the same time. The more time I spend online and blogging, the more I realize that maybe those things are incompatible with the word “nice.” In 1 Thessalonians, Paul, Silas, and Timothy thank the Thessalonians for “[their] work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope” (1:2). Nice had nothing to do with it.

When and if I have daughters, I don’t want to use the word nice. I want to use words like tenderhearted, bravery, and courageous in equal measure.

We aren’t called to be nice girls. We are called to love.

The Holy Spirit and I…we’re working on it.

“And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these (Mark 12:30-31).”

I’d love to know your thoughts.



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Beauty Products I Buy Again and Again.

beauty products I buy again and againI don’t know about you all but I kind of skip around with beauty products. There are so many new things to try. For example, I am still trying to find the perfect skin care and it’s easy to convince me to try something new. When I moved, I told myself I would not buy anything new until I had finished old things (with expiration dates in mind). But there are six products that I have either reused and rebought or am about to run out of (and some of this stuff takes awhile to run out of) that I consider to be beauty products I buy again and again.

I thought this topic would be a good one considering the topic of April’s vlog (join us on Thursday, April 9).

(Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy) Nothing keeps my lips soft like this stuff. I ran through so much of it in my first Chicago winter. It comes in colors which is great for daytime but my white bedding means that night time, I slather on the clear coat. If you’ve never tried it, do yourself a favor and go to Sephora or a Fresh Store and try it. Oh my.

(Neutrogena Anti Residue) Katie recommended this shampoo to me and I love it. It gets rid of all the residue created by the products I use to blow out my hair. Simple, amazing, and nothing has come close to comparing.

(Macadamia Nut Oil Masque) Katie also recommended this to me. My hair is crazy that if I wanted, I could have dreadlocks in about four days. This detangles and moisturizes and makes my hair feel crazy healthy. It can be used as a conditioner or a hair mask.

(Laura Mercier Concealer) I asked Twitter for concealers to try and someone said Laura Mercier. I tried it and loved it. Bex tried it too and loved it. I will be rebuying this.

(Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer) Do you know how long it takes to actually get to the bottom of a bronzer? And yet I have with Tarte. Again, I will be rebuying this. I have tried other things and this may be one of the products I have stuck with the longest.

(Dior Show Mascara) The price tag is no fun and someone hooked me in high school. Since then, I often get it at Christmas time or for my birthday. This may be the longest relationship I have had with a beauty product. I love it and you will too. Trust me.

Tomorrow I’m sharing something personal, if you’ll stick with me.




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Rosies, Daisies, and Spring Discount

Even though I get to know these ladies during their time here, I always am excited for this post because I love the creativity each lady brings to it. I don’t want to take anything away from it so I’ll leave them to it. Remember you can get 20% off right now with the code SPRINGSPRANG for any sponsor spot. xo

one. Hi there! I’m Trish and the voice behind Beyond the Khaki Pants. My blog is a typical [hodgepodge] lifestyle blog and is inspired by career growth, independence, feminism, relationships and my random personal stories.

two. I’m a city girl at heart and all about finding and creating personal success.

three. One of my favorite topics to blog about is career development and growth. Just take this quote from a post I wrote about negotiating salary, a really important reminder to ask for what you deserve.

four. I was married to my husband, AV, on my parents 30th wedding anniversary. We took a trip to Maui last year to celebrate year 3!

five. I have no children (of the human variety) and feel strongly about never asking a women if she wants kids. But even though I don’t have any tiny humans, I do have two adorable kitties. My cat, Sam, was a guest blogger on my blog here.

six. Even though I’ve lived in the US since I was 2, you’ll know I’m from Canada because of these traits. I celebrate Canada Day every year by sharing treats like these to my friends!

seven. By day, I work as a physical therapist. Even though grad school was SUPER expensive, I proudly say that I love my student loans.

eight. About 3 months ago, AV and I moved into our first home. It was a crazy buying process in a competitive market like Seattle including the first attempt at buying a house and the time we actually bought our house. We are currently undergoing a renovation and have already re-finished our own hard wood floors.

nine. One of the most unexpected things people (now) find out about me is that I was a college cheerleader…the story of how I became a cheerleader is something I’ll never forget!

kasey-at-the-bat-collageone// hii! I’m Kasey + I blog over at Kasey At The Bat where we have lots of laughs, talk a little about sports and a lot about cocktails…

two// I recently spent nearly 48 hours without a cellphone + it was almost a disaster because what if I failed at a pinterest project + there were no instagrams to prove it?

three// I am completely, 100% addicted to barre classes. I just “finished” 30 days in a row, but not really because we still go about 5 days a week!

four// I don’t have a husband or baby or puppy to blog about, but I definitely had one very handsome Valentine this year..

five// for NYE I packed up my bags + spent NINE WHOLE DAYS bouncing around Europe. I’m really quite ready to go back now.

six// I’m hosting a countdown to baseball season linkup! Last week we talked about favorite players + this week we’re talking favorite teams + World Series predictions!

seven// I have made fried tequila shots more than once. true story: they’re delicious.

eight// speaking of tasty treats, I also have a super easy sopapilla cheesecake recipe that will have all your friends thinking you spent hours in the kitchen..

nine// I recently invested in a Canon Rebel + I drag it everywhere with me. I even named him Ringo!

instagram || twitter || bloglovin‘ || pinterest || facebook ||


March Daisy  Collage
1) Hi Friends! I’m Liz and I blog over at Baby Got B.A., where I talk about my life as a psuedo-adult #thestruggleisreal

2) I live in Orlando, and taking my best people to the parks is one of my favorite things to do.

3) I love hippos and coffee and sometimes – when life is magical – both at the same time.

4) I am a huge HP nerd, and living so close to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of my favorite things.

 photo daisy_zpsyluhregs.jpg
One | Hey! My name is Kerri and I blog over at Hey Kerri Blog. I recently chopped my hair all off and dyed it blonde but I’m currently in the oh my god what did I do awkward stage as it’s slowly growing out. Oh, and I also have a strong love for coffee so when I seen this shirt from Old Navy, I knew I couldn’t leave the store without it.

Two | Makeup is a strong passion of mine and I love playing up my lip color, it’s such a simple yet effective way to completely transform your look. I’m always on the hunt for a new lipstick and went a little overboard on my last Walmart trip.

Three | Is there anything better than spending a morning being cozy in bed with a fuzzy blanket and a big cup of tea? I didn’t think so.

Four | I’m a Canadian gal and decided to make my fourth image one from last summer that makes me extremely happy because I’m tired of mother nature dumping 60cm’s of snow on us every week. I’m so ready for warmer weather, for delicious cocktails out of a mason jar cup, for floral dresses and for taking my laptop outside and sitting on my balcony – probably blogging away and explaining reasons why I won’t be following you on twitter

Are you going to check these girls out or what?


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Life with Mrs. G and the Artist.

IMG_9747Faith and I sat in the front seat of her car–waiting for Bex to get off of work–around the New Year. We were both tearing up as she shared some of her story and her heart with me. Faith and I met (along with Bex and Sarah) a few months before. I’d never really met bloggers I only knew from the internet before and I certainly never took a megabus to meet them but after several googlehangouts it felt right (please always be safe with the internet). Nonetheless, Faith has a tender heart she shows to a few people. You really need to get to know her because she needs to feel safe (don’t we all?). And so I am here to tell you that her heart is one worth getting to know.Photo Nov 02, 4 47 42 PMShe’s married to LG–a talented, kindhearted guy–and sometimes writes about marriage. More recently, after our talk in the driveway where I assured her these were the things that God would use to help others, she’s opened up about abandonment in her own life and even started a series where other bloggers write about various insecurities. That day we talked about turning her blog into a community, something she really wanted, and how she could go about it. I am so proud of the way she has started to go about it.IMG_9784Faith also happens to…well, talk about her Christian faith. She teaches sign language to other ladies in church and has a heart for mentoring young girls. I can attest that she loves to laugh a great deal. She would never say this about herself but I can say it: she goes out of her way for others. I’m proud of the way she is sharing parts of her life for the glory of God and trusting God with parts of her life that may someday show up on the blog and may someday be shared if you ever have coffee with her. She can be sensitive but taking care of others sensitivities is even more important to her.Photo Nov 02, 5 02 31 PMGetting to know Faith in real life makes it easy for me to tell you that her blog is one you should check out. She’s growing like crazy and you can tell with subjects she is choosing to conquer this year. I’m proud to call her friend.



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Great Books You May Not Have Heard of But You Should Try.

great books you may not have heard of but should tryYou may have heard me talk about how I reread my bookshelves all the time. While I am all about constantly reading new things and seeing what current books I can add to my collection, I thought you may want to hear about some contemporary books that you may have missed when they came out in the past. Some of these are ones I definitely recommend to people when they are looking for books.

1. Richard Russo’s Empire Falls

A Pulitzer Prize winner that weaves together two stories in a beautiful way. Wonderful writing and nostalgia of small time life with depth.

2. A.S. Byatt’s Possession

If you were an english major or find literature sexy, you will love this book. Again, this weaves together a contemporary story with a literary mystery. Someone recommended this to me a few years ago though it was written in 1990 and I could not get over the fact that I never read it. It was that wonderful. It’s part love story, part literary mystery. Right up my alley.

3. Anne Enright’s The Gathering

This book–a Booker Prize winner–cemented Anne Enright as my favorite writer of all time. The book takes place in Ireland as the author is Irish and it can be dark but the writing. Oh my gosh. I am wringing my hands over the beauty of it.

4. Jeffery Eugenides’ Middlesex

Another Pulitzer Prize Winner, I consider to be the literary equivalent to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Tracing generations of a family (and the genes) that led to Callie, unknowingly (to her parents, the doctors, and herself) born a hermaphrodite. It’s probably the book I recommend the most because it’s universally loved.

5.  Tea Obreht’s The Tiger’s Wife

This is one I would like to reread. The main character is a doctor in eastern Europe trying to figure out the mystery of her grandfather who told her the most fantastic stories while she was growing up. It reads at times like modern day fairy tales.

Do you have any recommendations for me? Have you read any of these? Otherwise, Happy Reading!


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5 Ways to Use Your Current Content to Grow Your Blog.

contentWhether you’ve been blogging for a couple of months or a couple of years, you’ve probably realized this simple truth: blogging ain’t no joke. It isn’t easy by any means (so much so that I felt the need to use the grammatically incorrect ain’t in a sentence). What I want to talk about today is getting the most out of the content you work so hard to create.

Here are 5 ways to use your current content to grow your blog:
1. You May Also Like…

Have you ever read a blog post that includes other posts you may enjoy based on the post you are currently reading? A few months ago, I installed a plugin to help with this (there are plenty out there). I realized I was missing a huge opportunity to use all the posts I’ve worked so hard on to increase traffic and your time on my blog. If you click on this post and scroll down, you’ll see four posts that relate to the one you’re reading. Chances are that some people are going to find something to click on there. I really recommend this if you haven’t already.

2. Syndicate Your Content with CoSchedule

(just so you know that is a referral link) What I love about CoSchedule is I can easily schedule posts to be promoted the day after a post is published, a week later, and a month later (or a custom date). It’s so simple (and there is a trial) to syndicate your content when you schedule the post the first time so that it will be promoted throughout the next month. I was a bit skeptical but I did see an increase in page views during my trial so now CoSchedule and I are going steady.

3. Popular Posts

This is still a work in progress on my blog. But at the top of my blog menu, you will see something called Popular SeriesAs I said, it is a work in progress but it’s a place that readers–both new and old–can click on and find more posts. A lot of times when I go to a new blog, I want to find the heart of the blog and this is great place to go. I recommend creating an obvious place for your most popular posts or the posts that mean the most to you.

4. Posts Within Posts

Link to other posts within the post you are writing. Obviously, I only link to something when it makes sense but remember to do this. A new reader may want to know more about the story. An old reader may be just as curious. Recently, I wrote a post about my entryway reveal (see what I did there?) I mentioned my papa so I linked to a post about him and also about the deer where I linked to the tutorial where I made him.

5. Easy Categories

I will be the first person to tell you that my blog does not have this right now. If you have super obvious categories about topics you are passionate about, I am likely to click on them to learn more about you and your blog. Whenever I redesign my blog (this is something I am only beginning to think about; it will be at least a year) this is something I want to work on. A great example is Cassie’s blog. Love it.

Do you have more ideas? I am always open. Let’s share the knowledge. Also, just because I am feeling so much love for my fellow bloggers today, let’s do a sale on sponsorships. Use the code SPRINGSPRANG for 20% off any sponsorship. If you’re on the fence, read the testimonials or check out this post.



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Entryway Reveal.

entryway reveal
I have been talking about my entryway reveal for awhile and people have also been asking about it. I finished it (finally?) a few weeks ago with my mom’s help but lighting and then falling sick came in the way of finally sharing it.

When I moved in, a friend helped me unpack. She was shocked at the number of picture frames I had. What can I say? I love a gallery wall. So, here you will find my Italian Gallery wall. entryway reveal 3It includes a poster from one of my favorite scenes in Roman Holiday, a Life is Beautiful poster (these are two of my favorite movies), a photo of Italy from a friend, an oil I bought in Venezia (with the black matte), and a watercolor I bought in Toscana. Each of these pieces mean a lot to me and I love them together. If you ever travel to other countries, I highly recommend spending your money on street art. The oil of Venice was probably 2o euros and worth every single bit of it. entryway reveal 5On a short wall before the door to the washing machine, I hung this print from It’s a Wonderful Life (another fave movie and I also love this frame). This may be one of my favorite scenes from a movie ever. It hung in my apartment in San Francisco and now it’s here with me in Chicago too.entryway reveal 4Facing that wall, is my elephant. I got this ellie on Gilt or One King’s Lane (I can’t remember) massively on sale. I really love it and even though my mom wondered about the white on the white wall, we decided we love it. Two things I love: Italy and elephants. Truth.entryway reveal 1Also, I finally found a place for my deer! If you remember, I showed you how you could make your own deer here but it’s been hidden away all this time. Hanging it was a bit of a challenge but my mom and I figured it out because we always figure it out when we are together. Failing is not an option. Haha. It was nice because my papa was the handiest man in the world and we were able to joke about how he was shaking his head in heaven over the way I was skipping steps. To be fair, my mom did not want to skip steps but I just do not have patience with things like this–not like Papa. We both felt like he was with us.

Remember the whimsical DIY welcome mat?entryway6

My full size mirror is also here because this is a small space and I’ve got to make it work!entrway5If you have any tips for decorating small spaces, hit me! What do you think?



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Grace is Sufficient for Me.

flowerSpring peeked its head out to see if it was time to play this past week and decided that it was. The weather has been lovely but to be honest, I have only experienced it walking to the pharmacy or opening the windows of my apartment. Though I managed to make it through the winter completely unscathed when it came to illness, within the last month, I was sick twice. This last time (which I am still recovering from) took my voice completely for two full days. I felt like Ariel or a cool singer who was on vocal rest. I vacillated between pretending to be both and finally gave in and called the doctor.

Not feeling well is not a fun thing, not by any means. If for some reason I am not around this space, you can safely assume, unless there is a family emergency, that it is related to my health. Most of you probably do not know that I live every day with a chronic illness and while that does affect my every day, that is my reality, the truth I live with and it’s okay. Though it flairs up worse now and again, I have to tell everyone the truth of the matter: we are not promised health.

Health is a privilege, not a right. I learned this in the summer of 2008 when I had my first and last seizure in Rome, Italy. This event would set off an illness no one ever planned for me to have because who plans to have a chronic illness? Show me a pair of parents that ask for such a thing for their child. But it happened.

I never raged against it. Even now, my closest family and friends would tell you I was never angry at God. This is not a humble brag or bragging at all. It was totally the Holy Spirit at work within me in every way and this continues to be true even now. Whatever it was that stole my voice this week reminded me once again exactly how not entitled we are when it comes to our health. It’s a privilege that we each have to do everything we can to nurture (sometimes I am much better at this than others).

This is not to say that because health is not promised to us, illness is easy. It isn’t. But I cannot complain. Not when I see my aunt living with cancer. Sometimes, though I am not proud of it, when I see people complain consistently about their health, it makes me angry and this is mostly due to my aunt.

I want to say to people like that: you are not dying! Count your blessings! But I do not do this because in the end, I do know that living with a chronic illness is nothing if not challenging and navigating it emotionally can be even more difficult. It’s also nothing if not humbling. It’s not my place to judge. I pray for the empathy for the people who consistently complain. And then I talk with my aunt. I hear her struggles about the cancer that she lives with every single day. She would do anything to have a chronic illness instead of a terminal one.

Three times, Paul asked God to remove the thorn from his side. God did not remove the thorn. Instead, God said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (read 2 Corinthians 11 and 12)

I have hung on to that verse since 2008, clinging to it during the worst of times, and even the best of times. If you met me, if we had dinner, you might never know that I live with a chronic illness unless I told you. A lot of that is my own pride. Asking for help continues to be the hardest thing for me. But the pain is there all the time. It’s this fine line for me. I do not want to be my illness. I refuse to allow it to define me. And yet their are boundaries in my life because of it, that I have to respect in order to feel my version of “good.” I don’t talk about it here, rarely if ever. I’m making an exception today because losing my voice and feeling so nasty on top of the normal every day ways I feel pain, reminded me again that His power is made perfect in my weakness.

I missed you guys and wanted to touch base. (What’s new? Fill me in! Let me know how I can be praying for you!) This was the only thing I could think to talk about (it’s Sunday evening) and hopefully when this is published I am closer to  my body’s version of 100%.



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March’s Vlog + A Challenge.

Well, hey there. I’ve lost my voice completely (I’m sick) and so I am pretending that I am either Adele or the Queen Bey, or someone equally fabulous, on vocal rest. Having an imagination is imperative in times like this, times where it is the first day that feels like spring and I feel…like this.

Okay, here is the thing. I know some of you are afraid or nervous to vlog. I have been there. Please refer to my first vlog in which my nerves actually come across as sarcasm (typical, Nina). I think this is my fourth time posting a vlog and I cannot tell you that I am comfortable. But I was challenged (ahem, see first vlog again) and I realized all of my hesitations were not good enough (also, my mother told me to get over myself. Please see vlogging with friends). I was afraid of what people would say or think or how I would come across. As my mom said really sweetly: get over yourself, Nina. (For the record, I am still working on getting over myself and somehow I am a cohost).

So I am challenging you. Yes, you. I am challenging you to join us next month which all about how you are a beautiful person. Yes, you.

In the meantime, here is my vlog (the lip synching is short, no worries):

I forgot to mention Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Jimmy Stewart, It’s a Wonderful Life, Life is Beautiful, and…Ben Affleck. Oh, Ben. How could I forget you? (Probably because I did not read the questions beforehand. So smart.) (And then, after this was posted, I forgot to mention Clooney. George! I’m sorry!)

So you have been officially challenged to join us in April which is all about Beauty and You. Challenged. Bam. Here are April’s questions.

1. What makes you feel beautiful?
2. Which qualities give someone inner beauty?
3. Who is someone in your life who embodies these things?
4. What is your favorite (non physical) quality you have?
5. What physical quality do you like most about yourself?
6. What beauty products (if any) do you use in your daily routine?
7. Do you wear make up? How often?
8. What is an outfit you feel beautiful wearing?
9. Have you ever tried a fashion or beauty trend that you came to regret?
10. How do you balance internal and external beauty personally?


Faith @ Life with Mrs. G & the Artist // Bex @ butcher’s niche
Elizabeth @ Elizabeth Loves // Nina @ Flowers in my Hair

The link up is open for a week so click here to see March’s questions and join us.

Here are the really simple guidelines:

1. We want to see your face! We want to know how often you roll your eyes and if you talk with your hands, whether you have an accent or you shrug your shoulders. So link up a post featuring your vlog answering this month’s questions. Please link up the specific page URL with your vlog on it (not your blog URL).

2. Add the button below or a text link to one (or all) of the hosts to help us promote this crazy thing.

3. Spread the love! Go watch, listen, and comment on other blogs and make some new friends.

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